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Web developer tools for chrome

Viral marketing this blog will let you know about the 5 best web developer tools for chrome. Having the right tool or extension for your website project can make your work easier and more enjoyable. 

But as there are many web developer extension for chrome has been introduced. So it becomes slightly difficult to decide which tool will be best. 

But cheer up! Because in this blog Viral marketing will guide you about the 5 best web developer tools for chrome that can make coding much easier and convenient.

What Is Web Development Extension Or Tool?

If you’re new to web development, you may be wondering what a web developer extension is. This browser add-on provides additional tools for developing websites, including accessibility checkers. This is a great tool for any web developer, but it’s especially useful for beginners. 

The built-in Chrome inspector doesn’t always do everything you’d like it to do, so it’s important to know what’s available. The best web developer extensions are free, but you’ll need a subscription to download them. A good tool for this is the Web Developer extension for Chrome. 

This extension adds a toolbar button to your browser that lists different tools organized by category. The ‘Tools’ menu allows you to disable JavaScript, resize the browser window, validate HTML, and view meta tag information. This is an essential part of building a great website, and this extension is an indispensable addition. 

A web developer extension allows you to quickly test code and user interfaces. The most popular browsers have built-in tools for developers. There are many other add-ons available in plugin download centers.

This is a great way to make your life as a web developer easier and more productive. This software can be very useful for developers of all skill levels and can save you time on your projects. The following are some examples of extensions for web developers.

What Are The Chrome Developer Tools?

Developer Tools allow web developers to inspect and debug a website. They are a built-in feature in Chrome and are available for all major browsers. Some tools are available as plug-ins, and others are accessed through separate browsers. 

In this guide, we’ll focus on the Chrome developer tools. To use them, first, go to View -> More Tools -> Developer. Once there, click on the “Developer” tab, and then select “Developer”. The Developer Tools are a very useful feature to have on your computer. 

The main purpose of this extension is to provide developers with access to various web development tools. The most commonly used tools are Clear Session Cookies, Display Element Information, Image File Sizes, Topographic Information, and Edit CSS. 

There are many other useful features available for web developers, so it’s worth exploring the different options available. The Web Developer extension is also a great way to get a better understanding of a site’s code.

There are many ways to use the Developer Tools. You can modify the code of a website, but you can’t change the website’s code. The tools are only meant to manipulate the underlying code that displays the website. 

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry – the tools are easy to use and will teach you all you need to know. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a developer!

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How To Open Developer Tools In Chrome

To open Developer Tools in Chrome, navigate to the menu bar and select Inspect Element. This window offers an extensive set of features, including debugging and testing web page designs. Using the toolbar, you can also change the size of the window, set it to your preferred dock position, and customize its properties depending on the type of device you’re using. 

The Developer Tools window includes two panels, the Elements panel and the CSS panel. Click on each panel to perform various edits and modifications to elements’ style and layout. Inspecting the HTML and CSS on a web page is a powerful way to enhance your design and make it more responsive. 

The developer tools in Chrome are similar to the developer tools in other browsers. The Elements panel provides full access to HTML source code and allows you to modify CSS and other style rules. You can also view a snippet of JavaScript code in the Sources tab. These tools are useful when you need to debug JavaScript code, which is used by many websites. 

Developer Tools are located on the right-hand side of the browser, just below the address bar. When you click on it, you’ll see a panel with HTML and inline CSS. The console panel deals with JavaScript and shows the execution of JS. 

The Sources panel displays the files that make up the website. This section is also a valuable resource for web designers and developers. It’s worth exploring and learning.

Best Web Developer Tools For Chrome | Ewviral Top-Pick 

Web Developer Tools For Chrome # 1 | Wappalyzer

The Wappalyzer web developer tool is a free and powerful extension that enables you to identify the web technologies that your competitors are using. Its database contains more than a thousand technologies categorized into more than a dozen categories. 

These include programming languages, payment processors, different types of analytics, and marketing tools. Wappalyzer offers great customer support, as well as a fast and reliable browser extension that doesn’t slow down your computer. Using Wappalyzer, you can find out the technologies that a website uses. 

It can also reveal the technology stack, operating system, and social media profiles. The Wappalyzer can also prevent bounces, spam reports, and fake signups. It also allows you to run live checks and report the results in real-time. You can find Wappalyzer on GitHub, so you can download the latest version and start using it today. 

The Wappalyzer web developer tool can also help you identify competitor technologies. It has APIs that let you peek into eCommerce platforms, advertising networks, and CMS. You can also view the emails of visitors.

This helps to prevent bounces, spam reports, and fake website signups. In addition, Wappalyzer offers real-time analysis, which is beneficial if you’re working on a project with competitors.

Web Developer Tools For Chrome # 2 | CSS Viewer

CSS Viewer is a web development tool designed for front-end developers to inspect and modify CSS on any page. It can be used to inspect, edit, and change the styling of any element in a website. You can also view the data and code for any attribute on a selected element by clicking on it. 

Once you have the information you need, you can copy and paste it into your website. There are many features of CSSViewer that can help you create better web applications. First of all, it’s cross-platform and works on any browser. Its history feature allows you to view the entire history of a page. 

The tool doesn’t transmit your private data to a third party. Another great feature of CSS Viewer is the ability to export all styles to a single CSS file. Its other features include the ability to export styles into a single file, a history of changes, and a few more. However, if you’re concerned about privacy, CSS Viewer is not for you. 

Apart from being cross-platform and compatible with all browsers, CSS Viewer has some limitations. It requires you to have a cloud storage account and a workspace to run it. This can read and change anything on your web page, which is a major drawback for privacy-conscious users. 

Also, It can even track your browsing habits and expose you to data breaches. It’s easy to install and is free to use.

Web Developer Tools For Chrome # 3 | Window Resizer

The Window Resizer web developer tool allows you to easily resize your browser window and change its position and size. Its popup user interface lets you resize windows and reposition them as desired. There are 20 predefined layouts you can choose from. 

If you need a different layout, you can click the Add new layout button. Once you’ve chosen a layout, drag the mouse over it to make it a different size. You can also save your settings and export them to other computers. 

Window Resizer is a Chrome extension that enables you to resize your browser window to any size. The resizer icon pops up a list of available window sizes. In addition to changing the screen size, the web developer tool lets you rotate your screen and switch resolutions. 

You can also customize its presets and choose the colors you want to use. The extension supports all operating systems and browsers, including Chrome. The window resizer is an extension that enables you to resize your web browser window. 

It has a handy toolbar popup with predefined layouts that you can use on your website. Another great feature of the extension is its screenshot feature. It lets you capture a portion of the screen as a PNG image and edit it before saving it. Regardless of the size of the screen, the Window Resizer extension can help you customize it for a wider audience.

Web Developer Tools For Chrome # 4 | WhatFont 

Among the many Chrome extensions, WhatFont is one of the most popular. It enables you to identify typefaces used on web pages and download them to your computer. It also allows you to explore images on your current page by filtering by width, height, or URL. 

In addition, you can capture webpages, inspect elements, edit layers, and even overlay a semi-transparent image over the HTML DOM to preview the fonts used on the page. With more than one million users, WhatFont is an extremely useful web development tool. 

It offers a fast and convenient way to identify fonts on web pages. It also identifies the services that serve fonts to websites. This service supports Google Fonts API and Typekit, which means that you can use any web page source. 

It is also very flexible, so you can easily add any font to your website without any limitations. WhatFont is a free extension that enables web designers to identify fonts on web pages and collect samples of them. 

It has an inbuilt font detection mechanism and lets you hover over any text to see the name of the font. The app even has a font changer feature, which allows you to change the font for all websites at once. WhatFont is also completely customizable, meaning you can add any font you want.

Web Developer Tools For Chrome # 5 | Githunt

Githunt is an online web development tool that allows you to easily design your front-end development projects. It offers all the features of an IDE but in the browser. It also features drag-and-drop file sharing and collaboration. 

Plus, it keeps your projects private. You can easily collaborate with other developers, or you can create your own private repository. With Githunt, you can manage all your files in a single place. You can use Githunt to create web applications, test the speed of your site, track metrics, and build custom website elements. 

The software is free for personal use, and it allows you to work with multiple projects at once. It also lets you view your GitHunt history. You can also view and comment on the code. It can even help you manage multiple projects at once. 

It can be used to collaborate with other developers, and it is free to download. Using a web developer tool can also help you organize your web development project. It provides a variety of options for managing projects. It provides an interactive code editor that lets you compare different versions of your work. 

You can add comments and other elements to your code. This allows you to view your code, and it is easier to find errors. The Githunt web developer tool can also be used to test the speed of your site.

Bottom Line 

The above-mentioned best web developer tools for chrome are quite easy to use for the experts and developers. If you don’t have enough knowledge about these tools then don’t worry contact Viral Marketing experts web developer who can develop your website using these effective tools within no time. 

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