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How To Track SEO Rankings | Step By Step Guide

How To Track SEO Rankings | Step By Step Guide

Are you curious about how to track SEO rankings? Then my friend you have hit the right article.

To maximize the benefit in the value of your Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, you must be able to keep track of your SEO ranking. Monitoring your rankings allows you to know what’s working and you can track your achievements. It also reveals which areas you must improve to achieve the most effective outcomes.

In this article, we’ll provide you with how to use the Tools for SEO tracking you can employ to track KPIs and monitoring of search engines. Although there are a variety of tools to use, however, Viral Marketing presents the best rank trackers available. We at Viral marketing offer regular reports and analysis as part of our SEO service.

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Importance Of Getting High SEO Rankings

Every few years, an argument is shared on social media concerning SEO. According to us, these opinions are held by those who have invested their money in the wrong or unproven strategy and have not succeeded.

The thing they do not consider is the fact that SEO is constantly evolving and you must keep an eye on it to ensure that you are staying relevant. Whatever way someone may “feel” concerning SEO There are four reasons you must keep track of SEO ranking carefully.

High ROI

Although organic traffic isn’t completely free (content design and search engine optimization strategies require effort) It can be significantly cheaper than advertising. It is also able to drive maximum traffic.

For instance how often do you click on an advertisement or an article that provides answers to the question you’ve been pondering? Organic traffic can also be highly focused and doesn’t cost anything once the content has been created and optimized. No matter if you have one and a billion clicks you’re unlikely to receive a “traffic” invoice to pay.

SEO Provide Long-Lasting Traffic

When you’ve put in the effort required to build your website The bulk part of your work will be completed. Of course, you must review your rankings and keep trying to build backlinks and improve the content, but it’s nothing like advertising, where you need to pay for the privilege of playing. When you cease feeding your advertisement the meter, or so it’s called the traffic you get from this source will cease to be a source.

Continuous Improvement

Every business must stay up to date and be alert for opportunities to improve. The ones who rest on their laurels will soon be becoming dinosaurs because younger, more hungry, and more motivated competitors are waiting to devour your lunch or, in this instance, rankings.

Are you still aren’t convinced that you need to always be experimenting and improving? Blockbuster, Nokia, Kodak, Xerox, and Myspace are only a few examples of what could happen when you become complacent about the top position.

Search engines aren’t less a threat. If you do not keep track of your SEO ranking and you don’t know, you may find yourself on page 10 of Google (or more) for a phrase that was previously the most lucrative.

Justify Your Expenses

If you monitor your SEO rankings and watch your website rise in results of search engines when you look at those extremely competitive keywords Then all the effort creating high-quality content and shilling for backlinks that are of high quality is worthwhile.

If you’re pouring funds into the creation of content and outreach, but don’t measure the outcomes, it’s difficult to convince people of the value of the efforts. If clients or executives aren’t sure about the process you’re using, and you’re not able to demonstrate tangible results and results, then SEO can indeed end up being dead. For the least, for the organization.

How To Track SEO Rankings | Step-By-Step

Before we dive into the methods and tools to monitor SEO rankings, it’s essential to make some preparation. If you don’t, you’ll end up being overwhelmed with information and don’t know the first thing about what you should use it for.

We’ll guide you through this process step by step to help you become organized and organized starting from the beginning.

How To Track SEO Rankings Step 1 | Set Your Keywords

Even experienced SEO professionals may get stuck in the first step. It’s not uncommon to ask the SEO to inquire of their customer, “what keywords do you want to rank for?” The client could look at them in a blank stare and ask, “Isn’t it your job to tell me that?”

Some of the smartest customers or SEO groups have decided on their top-priority keywords however if you haven’t made it to this point, you have many ways to get there. Start by looking for the keywords you are currently ranking for.

According to Maya Angelou famously says, “If you aren’t sure where you’ve come from, you’re not sure where you’re headed. Another option is to glance at the way your rivals are doing. We suggest both. For a quick look at your SEO rankings, One of the most effective places to start is Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).

There’s an abundance of information accessible for no cost. From this page, you can find out which search terms generate traffic to your website as well as the number of impressions and clicks you receive as well as you can also see the CTR (click-through percentage) and the position of your site. You can also choose to sort by dates and compare them to one another.

To help you determine the best way to maximize your current efforts, you can try this method: Sort the report by position, and pick only the keywords that are at or above position 8. If you’ve got a few keywords at the top of Google but are at the bottom, it’s a good idea to get started to be ranked higher on these keywords.

There’s already some momentum which is why it’s sensible to look at the ways you can move up the ranks. After you’ve identified these keywords, look at the pages that are ranked for the query and look at each one to find out ways to improve the results. This could involve on-page work adding internal links or even doing outreach to build backlinks.

This is helpful if you’re being ranked for certain terms, but this method isn’t able to provide insight into competitor behavior or advice for those who are just starting with content. For the best information, you’ll need an authentic keywords rank tracker.

Apart from seeing the relevant keywords, you’ll learn about the search volume and the results of searches. Another thing you can check the SERP to confirm the location of the page and look at the actual website to determine how easy it would be to surpass this page on searches.

How To Track SEO Rankings Step 2 | Focus On Key SEO Metrics

There’s a lot of discussion within the SEO world about metrics, but the secret to success is to focus on the important metrics. It’s easy to become caught by the weeds, and not be able to discern the forest behind the trees.

Although every company is unique generally the most effective measures include:

Organic Search: Utilize Google Analytics to figure out the percentage of your traffic that comes organically generated versus other channels, such as direct or advertising, referrals, etc. In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition -> Overview -> All Traffic -> Channels

Conversion Rates: If you’re using Google Analytics, you’ll want to make sure you have a conversion tracking set to determine which pages generate the highest revenue. Be sure to filter based on organic results and not a referral, paid, and direct visitors.

Based on the nature of your business It is possible to include conversion actions such as email signups telephone calls, and forms submissions.

Click-Through Rate: Google Search Console gives you important information on the click-through rates for many search queries. There are some general rules you can look for to ensure an effective click-through rate, provided that your meta descriptions and titles are written properly.

Page Bounce Rate And Time: The metrics mentioned above are subjective however they are useful in determining how effective an article is to your readers. For example, if, for instance, you have a blog post that is a pillar, however, your bounce rates are 90percent and the duration of the page is only 10 seconds, there may be something wrong with the content. Does it lead to the 404 page, or is the content out of date or is the page taking long to load?

However, when you’ve got a site that is visited by people for long periods, it’s an indication that your visitors have value to it.

Load Speed: Make sure your website’s load speed is in order which is an often-overlooked element in the search engine rankings. A slow loading site is not just a problem in the Google algorithm, but will also lead to an increase in bounce rates since people have other tasks to complete rather than waiting for your site to load.

The more bounces you have is, the more you will be penalized on search engine rankings. Pingdom is a tool for free that provides you with speed metrics and strategic suggestions in an instant.

How To Track SEO Rankings Step 3 | Decide Your Tools 

Viral Marketing has reviewed a couple of free tools that can help you get starting: Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Although both are helpful, they each have their limitations, as well.

In addition to the issues we’ve already mentioned, Google Analytics and Google Search Console also have these flaws:

  • The process of importing and exporting data is tedious and time-consuming.
  • You can only access Google information.
  • You can’t track your competitors.
  • There’s no data on keyword volume. While Google does provide a Keyword Planner, the service just gives ranges and the data is known to be inaccurate.

If you’re looking for an instant and thorough overview of your performance Google Search Console is an excellent place to start. However, if you’re looking for an edge in analytics, you’re likely to have upgraded to a paid tool.

When it comes to selecting an online tool that is paid there are a variety of choices. Viral marketing suggested Ahrefs or SEMrush. Moz did not yet have the range of tools they now have.

How To Track SEO Rankings Step 4 | Measure Performance

Once you’ve identified your top 100, thousand, or million words It’s time to begin monitoring the performance of these keywords.

Based on your goals and your industry’s competitiveness it is possible to schedule reports every day either weekly, monthly, or daily.

Perhaps the most important aspect of monitoring your SEO rankings is the process of creating and disseminating your reports.

You can get user-friendly and easy-to-read reports sent directly to your inbox, or to your client’s email addresses at any date you wish. White mark your reports with your company’s name without cost. If you’re looking for a way to wow your customers by providing an impressive report that integrates valuable information from different sources You can try DashThis.

If you’re able to share and disseminate information in a manner that is easy to comprehend it is possible to show your results explain them and be confident that you’ve met your objectives. If you’re coming up in the wrong direction, then you’ll be able to pinpoint how to improve.

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How To Track SEO Ranking Step 5 | Optimization

There’s plenty of data you can get from the search engine rank monitor. Based on the information you find the strategy you choose to implement will differ and there are a few key aspects to be aware of when you analyze SEO rankings.

  • Be aware of any changes in performance. If you’re climbing up the list check out who else is leading the way and think about how you can be performing better than the others. If you’ve fallen off the SERPs, check out who has surpassed you and search at what they may have done to get an improved ranking.
  • Monitor your competitors like eyewitnesses. Many keyword rank trackers permit users to create an inventory of their competitors as well as relevant keywords to monitor. Explore opportunities. If you begin an entirely new project using the keyword rank tracker tool, you’ll get required to enter the keywords you want to target. While you’re in the procedure, the software will suggest similar words you could want to track. You can add them to your list, and begin following them with no commitment to work on them.

If you keep track of these keywords, you’ll be in a position to determine their search volumes and the competition that is trying to compete with these terms.

Bottom Line

Before the existence of keyword rank trackers in the past, keeping track of SEO ranking was a manual task that required a lot of deliberation. There are a plethora of available tools however the challenge is to figure out how best to utilize their power.

If you want to track SEO rankings by experts then Viral marketing is all here to serve you with the best result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the only way to track SEO results?

A: For you to see the results of this measurement your website and its content should be optimized so that they appear on the top of search engine result pages for particular keywords as well as long-tail keywords. One way to check your Google rankings for keywords that are related to your company or product is to perform Google searches.

Q: What is SEO monitoring?

A: The process of SEO tracking is the process of observing rankings and visibility of your website as well as the overall image of your brand in search engine results and then determining how your website can be doing to increase its performance.

Q: Is Google Analytics part of SEO?

A: Google Analytics is a web analytics service that gives you statistical data and analytical tools to help with search engine optimization (SEO) as well as marketing. It comes as included in Google’s Google Marketing Platform and is free for any user with a Google account.

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